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Creating content that converts to sales for your business has just gotten easier...

You're SO close to unlimited access to courses, live trainings, and a dedicated community to help you create content consistently in your business so you can make #allthesales on autopilot.

The doors are currently closed, check back soon!

Um, does this sound familiar?

  • You know you're supposed to be blogging and Instagramming, Pinteresting and YouTube-ing, Facebooking and putting out awesome content but you don't know where to start...
  • You've put hours and hours into creating content and you put it out and...well, crickets.
  • Your content gets views and you get all excited but then you think, "Um, how did that help my business?"
  • check
    You are SO FREAKIN' overwhelmed with the endless to-do list and all the vocabulary words that you need to figure out (funnels, ads, etc).

Yup, I get it, I've been there and it can be HARD to figure out how to do #allthethings and actually make it WORK for your business.

That's why i created the ccg club

  • So you can get a handle on WHAT type of content you should be putting out (hint, you shouldn't be doing it all).
  • To help you do it RIGHT so that it actually makes a difference in your business. I don't believe in content without a purpose.
  • So you can grow that email list, turn funnels into moolah and automate sales.

You are going to kill this!

Here's where The Create, Convert, Grow Club comes in...

This is THE member's-only club for business owner's who are ready to learn and execute a content marketing strategy.

It's a community, it's a membership, it's a CLUB and we want you in

This puppy is packed (how's that for alliteration?) full of cutting-edge courses, roadmaps and resources for creating content that converts to sales and grows your business on autopilot.

ALSO, we all hang out together in a tight-nit community to help each other because we're in this together.

The Club will help you:

Create content in the BEST way for your business and in the way YOU want to.

Convert that content into actual sales and moolah for your business.

Grow your business by using the content that converts to makes sales on autopilot.

What's included in the club?

a library of courses

Get access to the library of courses awaiting you inside the CCG Club, plus more going in all the time.

monthly trainings

New LIVE trainings being held er' single month from myself and leading experts in fields that YOU need.


SO many templates are packed into this club for content creation, conversions, #allthethings.


A Facebook group with all of the members to bounce ideas off of and get access to me.

monthly office hours

An office hours session each month to get your questions answered LIVE.


Have you ever noticed the magic of working around other people? Well, we do it once a month in here!

and so much more


Hey Hey there! I'm Jessica Stansberry and I'm here to answer your questions about #allthethings to do with content marketing, just yell "Hey Jessica" and I'll come-a-runnin'.

With over 5 years of experience in creating content and conversions in my business and for my clients, I'm here to help you get found and get going.

Over the last year, I've grown my YouTube channel to over 20,000 subscribers (from less than 1,000), my website traffic to over 75,000 visits per month and grown my email list and income by 5x.

I WANT to help and as a course-creation junky I was tired of one-off courses where I couldn't track my clients' results, so The Create, Convert, Grow Club was born.

You've seen me here:

What Our members Are Saying

Jessica has helped me with our company's Youtube presence by opening my eyes to the importance of cards and end screens. We have already seen a significant increase in traffic coming from Youtube to our website.

Kim Artlip

Ignite Wrestling

When a lead comes in that says they found you from a google search. This is my first cold lead (all of my success has been due to Facebook group engagement) and was a huge reason I joined VidU. This is just super exciting. Jessica knows her stuff (as if we all didn't know that lol) but seriously put what your learning to use, it will pay off. Now if I could just be more consistent about it moving forward...

Jamie Russell

Dubsado Setup Specialist

Wh​at You'll Be Learning

You know you'll be learning about how to create content that converts and how to automate your sales but EXACTLY what will you be learning?


  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • instagram
  • Pinterest
    • and more!


  • Freebies
  • Sales funnels
  • Email marketing
  • Paid ads
  • Sales tactics
    • and, of course, more!


  • Automating a funnel
  • Putting sales on auto-pilot
  • Outsourcing
    • etc

How will you learn inside the CCG Club?

  • Courses
  • expert trainings
  • live office hours

The library of courses inside CCG is already HUGE and it's growing every single month with trainings on how to create content, how to convert into sales and how to grow.

As a card carrying member of the Create, Convert, Grow Club, you'll get:

Access to a library of courses

Loaded into the Club is a HUGE library of courses that will help you create content that works for YOUR business, convert the readers/watchers/listeners of your content into sales and grow and scale those offerings.

There is a roadmap inside of The Club to help you get started based on what you need so you can jump in wherever you need to and learn whatever is relevant to your business right now.


We've created worksheets and checklists to help you get a handle on your processes and create repeatable processes throughout your journey in The Club. 

A Community of Business Owners JUST LIKE YOU

There's power in being surrounded by people like you, who are trying to accomplish the same goals you are so we've created a place to harbor that community and keep you in constant touch with your peers on a platform you're already hanging out on to begin with.

all of this (and more) are ONLY available
in the Create, Convert, Grow Club.


per month

Recurring monthly payment,

cancel anytime, no contract.


per year

Save over $90 by paying for the entire year and lead one of our monthly co-working calls to show off your business!

Is it right for you?

  • Are you an entrepreneur who's looking for ways to make more money on autopilot?
  • You know that there's GOT to be an easier way to drive sales into your business. 
  • You're creating content but it's not actually working for you and your business.
  • You want to get started on YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, etc and you're not sure what type of content you should be putting on the platforms.
  • You know you NEED sales funnels but you don't know where to start.


per month

Recurring monthly payment,

cancel anytime, no contract.


per year

Save over $90 by paying for the entire year and lead one of our monthly co-working calls to show off your business!


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